About the program

From May to June 2018, Stoa 42 hosted a series of events organized by members of Lost Dad Radio and by artists and designers from the Dirty Art Department, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam. A rapid succession of short term exhibitions, performances and events, created especially for the space by Leslie, Leo, Dani, Walter, Rachele, Sun Chang, Jean-François, Tomasz, Anna and David.

In March 2018, the Dirty Art Department, Lost Dad Radio and friends walked two-hundred kilometres from Delphi to Athens and, having arrived, decided to stay. The encounter with the people in Greece at the time but also with Athens and the Stoa42 space was a moment to explore and reflect on the current local context.

Over a course of five weeks at Stoa 42 they were joined every Wednesday and Saturday by their new public to experience both the individual and communal adventures of this exciting group as they continued their journey in Athens.

Είσοδος δωρεάν Lost Dad Stoa42
Opening event by Leslie Lawrence & Léo Ravy

Opening event by Leslie Lawrence & Léo Ravy

Inside the Stoa42 space, guests are invited to play a game. They choose Past, Present, or Future and join an artist from the group in the space. Although the topics are collective experiences, it is a meeting between two independent viewpoints, so the introduction remains personal. The attempts to communicate shared experience are unavoidably subjective.

Through these parlour games a new collective understanding is generated, but what is being discussed cannot be heard by those outside the room. Again, the problem of communicating a shared experience to the outside returns. However, there is a third party in the room listening to the discussion.

They work to mediate the speculations, the fabulations, the misunderstandings created by the introductions, and attempt to live-type a new description of collective experience for the benefit of the audience outside the space.

In this way the practices of the group come to new shared representation through a series of texts; autonomous in their own right but marked by an almost impossible attempt to fully incorporate the other.

Open Studio by Dani Andres

Dani’s Astral Workshop from...

Spontaneous creations that tickle the subconscious

An explosion of human materials will

Stoa 42.24 aotS

Bring objects, food, love, materials and let’s create

Let’s imagine ________ futures

Fancy testing out our capacity to generate?

Performance by Walter Götsch

“parts of this are non cerebral“

Adventure time with mister Hanuman:
  • -Walk the Walk
  • -Talk the Talk
  • -false positives, false negatives
  • -the body and the ethos
  • -cultivating truth
  • -mixing medicine with the food
A performance with exhibition will be held at Stoa42 on saturday 26th.
Duration of performance ~30min

Installation by Rachele Monti

What do you see now?
When the past is not enclosed in a frame it becomes malleable, the point of view is unstable.
The memory change according to the lenses with whom we watch it.
Is it a image or a mirage?

a piece by Tomasz Skibicki

posa lefta
a piece by Tomasz Skibicki

crazy hauls his hand into mine
thumbs intersects
gripping strong
pulling me onto his body
an odor of deodorant mixed with sweat trapped for too long in synthetic clothing
our shoulders bump
fist taps on my back
his body is hot and sweaty
the palm is damp but feels ice cold and rough
the chemical impact leaves a long term memory in my brain
evaluating this long and complex handshake within seconds
he is not armed
he is intoxicated
I trust him

Time sightseeing at Panepistimiou 42, 16th June with Sun Chang, Jean-François Peschot, Vaios, Dennis and a remote control

Panepistimiou 42. At the junction of the two corridors of a commercial arcade, a place seems to host a different experience of time. A bar stood as a millennium tree; since its creation in 1954 it has shared a lot of stories from a very close to a wide liquid surrounding. The proximity of the first courthouse of Athens giving it a fictional presence.

Nowadays, it’s still sharing many common moments with its neighbourhood, a lawyer, a photographer and residential complex. Like this old photographic shop transformed into a project space repainted and renamed Stoa42. This bar without name, just this geographical information ‘ΕΞΟΔΟΣ ΠΑΝΕΠΙΣΤΗΜΙΟΥ’ (Exit Panepistimiou) on its facade, definitely works as a knot, where things merge spatially and temporally.

There, through a continuously working screen, we got the opportunity to approach Athens in this parallel way. Layered with many connected stories. From the collective memory of the past to the personal memories of the story-tellers of this place, through the blurring created by shared movies. Past, present, fiction loose their clarity there, and are experienced at the same level.

Performance by Gucci Nuggetz

“Still some nuggetz left” - a gucci nuggetz event
Come enjoy Gucci Nuggetz last time in Athens

Take a memory of Greece

by David Haack Monberg (feat. DORY, Christopher Lawrence, Leo Ravy, Dani Andres, Walter Götsch, Rachele Monti, Tomasz Skibicki, Sun Chang, Jean-François Peschot & Gucci Nuggetz)

It is easy to get lost in a city of ghosts, subtle caricatures of the something that was. Authenticity is long gone or perhaps never existed in the first place. What we are left with are new concepts that define our history through hyperlink structures, big data and block chains. The naivety of the algorithm leaves no room for foolish interpretation. It only does what Herodotus, the Father of Lies, could not. It is difficult navigating the vast sea of fragmented information when both the truth and the lie has become familiar instances. In fact, how are we even supposed to navigate in this city? Were we in fact briefly narrating our own authentic experience?

What remains?

Tell tales slightly defined by their common physical connection to the space, Stoa42. Their upbringing firstly rendered by all the things we experienced on the side. We came, we saw and we left. But, what was the point in the first place?

We are a group consisting mainly of artists and designers from the The Dirty Art Department / Sandberg Institute, based in Amsterdam. We arrived in Athens as a self-organised collective two months ago. Over the course of five weeks we will present a series of works and events at Stoa42. This is the finissage.

Introducing.... Tonight at Stoa42 with the @dirtyartdepartment #stoa42 #stoa #dirtyartdepartment #sandberg

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Dani in his astral studio✨✨✨ Happening now at Stoa42! @lostdadtakeaway @yolk.og #sandberg #dirtyartdepartment #stoa #stoa42 #studio #openstudio #publistudio #athens

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Dreams fulfilled⚡️Obstacles removed⚡️Hope restored⚡️Illusions destroyed⚡️
Senses controlled⚡️Agonies relieved👉Hanuman said👈from the Histories
of Hanuman in Greece One more great evening at Stoa42 by artists and designers
from the Dirty Art Department. Looking forward to Rachele’s work this Wednesday
30th May @lostdadtakeaway #dirtyartdepartment #stoa42 #sandberg
#stoa #athens #performance #projectspace #hanuman #delfi

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Sun Chang and Jean Francois Peschot yesterday night at Stoa42🔥🔥🔥Ready for the last week of the shows by students and designers from the Dirty Art Department? See you all on Wednesday 13th and Saturday 16th at 20.00 ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #stoa42 #stoa #dirtyartdepartment #athens #project #screening #past #present #future #fictionorreality

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Meet DORY. From my show “Take a memory of Greece” at @stoa42 feat. DORY, Christopher Lawrence, Leo Ravy, Dani Andres, Walter Götsch, Rachele Monti, Tomasz Skibicki, Sun Chang, Jean-François Peschot & Gucci Nuggetz

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Made possible by: Andrea López Bernal, Anna Läderach, Dani Andres, David Haack Monberg, Denis, Despina Charitonidi, Eleni Tsopotou, Gucci Nuggetz, Jean‑François Peschot, Leo Ravy, Leslie Lawrence, Marianthi Hatzikidi, Pierre Bujeau, Quentin Dupuy, Rachele Monti, Selma Köran, Sun Chang, Tomasz Skibicki, Vaios, and Walter Götsch.